Are Vaccines Safe?

Vaccines are safe, we’re told. We hear it from the mainstream news media and from the government we wish we could trust. The warnings are becoming more strident. They are telling us there is absolutely no scientific doubt. They are implying that parents who hesitate to have their children vaccinated or who even question the safety of vaccines are committing an immoral act.

But vaccines aren’t safe. In spite of the denials, evidence from honest scientists is showing that vaccines are dangerous and that the science telling us otherwise has been corrupted. For the future of our children, the true story must be told.

I’m Richard P. Milner. My background is in network news documentaries for ABC, NBC and PBS. I co-produced “Fooling with Nature,” a PBS Frontline documentary on endocrine disruptors, a class of synthetic chemicals that can interfere with many critical processes in our bodies including fertility. (example of an endocrine disrupter that people have heard of – dioxin?? PCBs??) The program was aired, but that information was censored because network officials didn’t want to “alarm anyone.” Still the program introduced a large audience to the dangers of a class of these chemicals. That program took six years from concept to broadcast. Since then media censorship has gotten worse.

Several years ago, I began looking into the possible link between vaccines and autism. I’m the son of a doctor, so I expected to find overwhelming proof that there is no link. Instead, I found the opposite. There is a large body of scientific evidence against vaccination that goes back decades. Not only are vaccines not as effective as advertised, they have injured a very large number of people. The mainstream media will not touch this story -- much less give it the comprehensive reporting it calls for. So I am asking you to help me produce Unsettled: The Vaccine Question, a documentary film on the suppressed science of vaccine dangers. It will present the evidence and the stories of vaccine victims. Your donation will help ensure we can produce this groundbreaking film.
Unsettled: The Vaccine Question begins with mercury and aluminum as chief culprits in our pandemic of chronic diseases and disorders and extends to the many serious poisons in vaccines. As proposed, the program will use a set of virtual debates between proponents and critics of vaccines as the method of telling the vaccine injury story.

I invite you to watch our video, Haley vs. Offit, Do Vaccines Cause Autism? A Virtual Debate About The Greatest Medical Controversy Of Our Time. This video is a small sample of the document we hope to produce. It features a discussion between scientist Boyd Haley, PhD, and vaccine inventor/ pitchman, Paul Offit, MD. It offers important insights on what can happen when industry profits, rather than human health, drive government vaccine recommendations and mandates.

Dr. Offit appears often on national television as an expert on vaccines, but refuses to debate. By not inviting any of his many critics, the mainstream media give the impression that he has none. This false impression leaves the public uninformed on the very real threats posed to children’s health through an overly aggressive vaccine program that now recommends children receive an astounding 48 vaccines by the age of six!

Dr. Offit and other forced vaccine proponents claim that the science is settled, that it overwhelmingly supports the idea that vaccines are very effective and very safe. But the reality is different. In spite of massive industry influence and propaganda, the science directly counters that claim. Vaccine proponents and the media simply ignore or suppress the studies, and the CDC refuses to record new cases of autism linked to vaccination.

The mainstream media no longer report as they once did. There used to be a firewall between advertising and news, and but that has been gone for some time. Pharmaceutical corporations spend $4 billion per year on ads. Where a major advertiser or program donor like big Pharma is concerned, media sides with the money, not with the injured.

That’s why we need your help to produce the film and sidestep the mainstream media by promoting and distributing theatrically and over the Internet. Will you join us?

Vaccines have been controversial since the beginning. And the pharmaceutical industry has repeatedly lied to us about them. There is evidence that many vaccines actually cause diseases and disorders they are meant to prevent, such as polio and measles, or cause other problems, such as chronic seizures and allergies. Moreover, vaccines may make infectious diseases worse by delaying their onset and increasing their virulence.

Big pharmaceutical corporations have not only suppressed the vaccine-autism link, they have also suppressed evidence that vaccines may be a major contributing factor or principal cause of other neurological problems, Alzheimer’s, anaphylactic shock, asthma, autoimmune and cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and sudden cardiac arrest.

Since 1986, the US Federal Court of Claims has awarded more than $2.3 billion compensation for vaccine injuries. Originally meant as a simple no-fault procedure, cases today are hotly contested. Parents with limited funds go up against the US Department of Justice playing every legalistic trick with deep pockets of taxpayer money. Leading pharmaceutical companies have paid billions of dollars to settle fraud accusations. Yet fines and settlements appear to be merely a cost of doing business. These stories are not publicized.

The top five pharmaceutical corporations have net profits exceeding the remaining 495 Fortune 500 companies combined! To maintain their profitability, they’ve made slight variations to drug formulations and delivery systems as patents are about to run out, illegally promoted off-label uses, paid doctors to sign their names to articles custom-written by drug marketing departments, and hid information on drug dangers from the FDA and the public. Today few new drugs for serious illnesses are in the development pipeline. But more than 200 new vaccines are. Moreover, corporations have no liability. No one can directly sue a vaccine maker for injury or death from a vaccine. (Where’s the law?)

Since 1986, the CDC has been charged with promoting vaccines. They have been able to put into place a nationwide Mandatory Childhood Vaccine Schedule that calls for 69 doses of 16 different vaccines before age 18, beginning on day of birth.

Pregnant women are being advised to vaccinate, which means mercury and aluminum exposure during the most vulnerable points of fetal development. In most states parents can claim vaccine exemptions. But with Dr. Offit leading the charge, several legislatures are moving or have moved to close exemptions, leaving parents no choice but to vaccinate if they want their child to attend school or daycare.

The myth of vaccine effectiveness is powerful. Time after time vaccines have been shown to be not as effective as advertised. But most people still believe in them because they only hear the pro-vaccine message.

When vaccines do work, they lose their effect within 2-10 years, making so-called “herd immunity” impossible. The term “herd immunity” was co-opted by the vaccine industry. Actual herd immunity doesn’t come from vaccines, but is a status attained by a population after a sufficient number have been infected naturally and develop immunity naturally--not an immunity of a few years, but lifetime immunity.

Another myth is that vaccines are free or that the vaccine industry makes very little money on them. Taking as an example all children born in 2010, if the vaccine industry can attain a vaccination rate of 90%, they stand to make $5.273 billion on that group. For the same group, the government stands to receive $129.023 million in vaccine taxes. Doctors will make $3,033 per child or $14.615 billion for the group. The pharmaceutical corporations then make additional billions selling drugs to treat the resulting sicknesses and disorders to the half of our children who now have a chronic medical condition.
Why would these corporations put the health of children above profits? They’ve captured the CDC, which promotes their product at no cost to them. and they can’t be sued. One way to stop them is with education, the same as it was with exposing the link between smoking and cancer. We need to disseminate the facts as widely and forcefully and often as possible.

Our documentary is one part of an independent media movement to counter the pharmaceutical corporations’ propaganda. Now, more than ever, we need you! You can help us complete this documentary and distribute it widely by sharing our link with your friends and by making a donation.
Our budget for completion is $182,691, a mere fraction of the spending by the other side.

You can make the difference by sharing our link with your friends and by making your own donation. If not you, who? If not now, when?

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